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My first attempt at making sushi at home. This is maki, nigiri and some sashimi.

Yummy. Homemade makirolls with spicy scampi (fried in ginger and garlic then mixed with mayo and chilipaste)

This is the result of Angel and Cat making sushi together. Fillings are tuna and spicy scampi.

Ain't it wonderful?


Angel enjoying her sushi


"I can't take another bite"



Ikura nigiri (fish roe)


Clean and healthy food


Maki with scampi


Decorative temaki sushi


Spicy tuna


Sushi Galore
- by Catgirl -

= Disaster! = Filler. = Average. = Really good. = Divine!

Most of the restaurants I've been to and eaten sushi aren't the expensive kind. Therefore I am sure there's many wonderful places to have sushi that I haven't set foot. And so be it. I have a tight budget, and so do most of you guys too. Let's keep it real! With that said I will urge you to try out sushi for the first time at a decent restaurant that comes recommended by friends. At least make sure your friends haven't gotten sick from the food before ;).

(Universitetsg. 2, 0164 Oslo - next to Shadowland)
(+47) 22 36 44 11 - Infopage

My formerly favorite sushi take-out! After the new owner took over not all the sushi are the same, and I miss some of the old ones. When I buy sushi here I usually get a mixed sushi box (bento) of 10 pieces and then add some individual nigiri or temaki.

The sushi from Happy Sushi is usually great both in size, appearance and taste. My favorite used to be the spicy tuna and spicy salmon maki, but lately they've been making them differently than before. The ikura gunkan nigiri (with fish roe and spicy mayo on rice with nori weed around) is very good here. Any individual piece is always really fresh and nice. The wasabi they use is also better than other places. You can watch while they're making the sushi.

The restaurant is more a take-away place than a restaurant, but there is a small counter with some chairs if you want to eat there. And in summer you can sit outside the traffic go by. In other words, it's usually better to bring your sushi to the nearest park or home (or to the pub as I used to do) to eat. Also remember to check that you've gotten all your wasabi, ginger, soysauce and stuff before you leave with your treasures. They are known to be a bit forgetful at times, but very charming!

Prices are really not an issue here. You get good sushi for reasonable prices.
Example: Bento box 10 pieces (6 nigiri + 4 maki) = 79,-

I jugde thee:

(Thorvald Meyersgate 59, OSLO)
(+47) 815 66 170 -

This was the first sushi restaurant in Oslo if I remember correctly, but since then it probably have changed owners. I arrived on a rainy December night and had a bad craving for sushi.

To my surprise they actually have happy hour between 16.00 and 19.00, so I went for a discount menu that consisted of: today's starter + miso soup + 13 sushi (maki and nigiri). And for once I ate at the restaurant rather than taking it with me.

The starter was some kind of fish cake cut in small halves and accompanied by some salad and chili sauce. I would not want to pay for that under normal circumstances, it was more a food sample than a starter if you ask me. Then onto the miso soup which tasted really good. I sometimes find the miso soup a bit too lukewarm, but this one was nice and hot. After waiting only a couple of minutes my sushi arrived. It both looked and smelled like it should do. The pieces were smaller than I've gotten other places, but the size was a perfect mouthful and the taste good too. I also got an additional piece of sushi - "a gift from the kitchen" - that I'm not quite sure why I had deserved. Maybe they thought I was gonna write about them...hehe. The only negative thing I reacted to was that I could see the cook's fingerprints all over my glass plate. Not a crisis, but slighty clumsy.

The biggest flaw was actually my deepfried banana for dessert. The deepfried batter around the banana was too soft and had none of that crisp sweetness I was hoping for. But the fruits and icecream that came with it was lovely. And I also got a free refill on my coffee without asking.

The restaurant itself looks really nice. It's minimalistic, but still have a few details that warms up the rooms and makes it more intimate. You can partly watch as they make the sushi. They also have acceptable background music varying from chillout to light pop/rock.The service is most of the time effective, but very little information is provided unless you ask. The toilets are ok :)

The prices here are sligtly more expensive than the places I usually eat sushi, but the happy hour deal helped some. The next time I eat here I'm gonna try individual sushi pieces as they have a good range to choose from.

Example: Bento box 11 pieces (8 nigiri + 3 maki) = 110,-

I jugde thee:

DET LILLE EXTRA (Pilestredet, Oslo)

I've only tried the sushi here once because Happy Sushi was closed that day.

I bought a bento box and ate it at the pub (Garage). The sushi was just fine and tasted like it should. This is a typical average place to get your sushi. They also have other dishes if you bring friends that don't go well with sushi. You don't get the opportunity to watch the sushi being made.

This place is more like a cafe than just a take-out. The interior is simple, but a comfortable space to be in. The service was good and the man behind the counter both friendly and smiling. The prices were slightly higher than at Happy per piece, but not so it mattered.

Example: Bento box 9 pieces (6 nigiri + 3 maki) = 77,-

I jugde thee:

(Fr. Nansensplass 7, in Tordenskioldsgate - Oslo)
(+47) 22 42 95 80

This is the cheapest sushi I've ever had in Oslo, but that also means the quality is cheap too.

If you go for the "eat as much as you want" menu, you can eat approx. 6 types of sushi and a whole lot of other dishes like noodles, miso soup, spicy whole eggs, deep fried seafood and more. The amounts of food laid out are rather small, so it is replaced with fresh food quite frequently.

The facilities look ok, but it feels very much like a school's lunch room. The service on the other hand was only good. For 128,- kr this is pretty ok. But if you simply want to have only sushi, don't waste your money here.

Example: "Eat as much as you want" (sushi + other dishes) = 128,-

I jugde thee: ()

EAST KITCHEN (Markveien 50, Grünerløkka, Oslo)
(+47) 22 71 96 58/(+47) 986 08 413

East kitchen has a wide range of dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, China and then sushi from Japan. The selection of sushi isn't the biggest, but as take-away you don't really need that much either. The sushi at East Kitchen has always been very fresh and good. Sometimes the rice is a bit warmer than it should be, but other than that I have no complaints.

You can sit down and eat inside, which is quite alright. It's nice when you get home from work and have no time for making dinner to go to East, buy some sushi and eat it there while flipping through magazines they keep a stack of. They're open till 23:00 on all days except Sunday (22:00). There's usually two young guys working there, and they are very helpful and serviceminded. Sometimes you get a free shrimp cracker while waiting for your order too.

The price is average and so is the sushi.

Example: Bento box 10 pieces (6 nigiri + 4 maki) = 85,-

I jugde thee:


= Disaster! = Filler. = Average. = Really good. = Divine!