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14 years old, arms around my boyfriend, on my way home from
the Prince concert in Oslo
Sunday 14. August 1988

Drum set is up with the familiar
mirror heart


Orange is packed with people

His Royal Purpleness

Let's Go Crazy!

Guitar hero :)

One happy kitten...

All pictures: 2010

Purple Reign
- by Catgirl -


It was 1987 and well into the last days of school before summer vacation would finally set us free. Outside our classroom we were sprawled onto the warm green gras listening to music. And that’s when it happened. I fell in love.

The subject of my teenage adoration was a little man in high heels and a peach suit. The reason was a song called ’If I Was Your Girlfriend’ and how he almost cried the word ”please” when telling the girl in the song how happy they could be...if he was her girlfriend.

Huh? Wtf? Her girlfriend? HE wants to be HER girlfriend?
Just imagine what this did to the fragile little minds of a bunch of 13-year-olds. Not only were we lacking in English skills, but we also had little clue what sex actually was. We had heard about lesbians and gays, but what did that make HIM? I guess this was the start of an endless discussion around Prince’s sexual preferences – and he was indeed very sexual. Not surprisingly, one of the very first Parental Advisory-stickers are to be found on a Prince release – The single ’Gotta Stop (Messin About)’ which also includes the track ’Head’ (Yep..that kind of head). It was also the very beginning of many a young girl’s lifelong admiration of the man.

...Back to 2010 - 23 years and two Prince concerts later, I find myself in front of Orange stage waiting for His Royal Purpleness once more together with what seems the rest of Roskilde Festival’s inhabitants. Magda and me have managed to reach one of the front right fields without queuing at all and are surrounded by smiling teenagers and what could be their parents..and even grandparents. I finally dawns on me that the festival might be sold out because of Prince after all. Who would’ve thought…

And we wait. Technicians are on all four sorting cables and looking quite stressed out as they scramble around the stage. When things seem to be in order the front troops are released to entertain and make sure we’re all warmed up for the grand entrance. Meanwhile, I’m trying to explain to Magda what to expect.
Everybody has heard a Prince song or ten if they’re born in the mid-80s, but most people only remembers Purple Rain or Kiss. Or the fact that he wore high heels, lace and sang like a girl. The fact that he’s an amazing musician and entertainer, is lost on a lot of people. To listen to Prince and to watch him perform live is two very different experiences. Therefore, I just can’t wait for her to discover the real Prince and I give her a last warning: “He will never let you just stand there and watch. Be prepared to sing, dance and clap - on command”. And in addition she has to deal with me, ha ha ha.

The tones of Venus de Milo gently prepare us for a magical evening and then as Prince enters the stage it punches straight into a feverish version of Let’s Go Crazy/1999 turning the audience into a frenzy all the way from the front to the back of Orange.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I only want you to have some fun”.
From that moment we all belong to Prince and he conducts us as well as his band with utmost precision and perfection. Nothing is left to chance, but that doesn’t mean he’s not taking the time to flirt with us. And as forseen we're ordered to dance and clap along - double-time!. The setlist is a pearly row of his own hits as well as covers of other well-known artists, among them a tribute to the late Michael Jackson with ‘Shake your body’. He moves from steaming sexy with ‘Delirious’ and ‘Controversy’ to the more spiritual with gospel covers ‘Lean On Me’ and ‘I Want To Take You Higher’ before sealing it off with a funky ‘Kiss’ and some serious disco dancing.

I was a huge Prince fan during some of the most turbulent years in my life and every song connects to a certain memory, thus making a Prince concert an emotional rollercoaster-ride. It takes me back all the way to my 15-year old self and it is with no surprise I find myself smiling and crying to Little Red Corvette while dancing cirles around Magda. Remembering and honoring someone very special who would’ve loved to see his favourite artist playing at his favourite festival.

“Cuz darling, there’s something I want U 2 do.. So you NEVER 4get”


SETLIST - PRINCE @ Roskilde Festival, Sunday 4. July 2010

  1. Intro - 'Venus De Milo' – From: 'Parade', 1986
  2. 'Let's Go Crazy' – From: '1999', 1982
  3. 'Delirious', From: 'Dirty Mind', 1980
  4. '1999', From: '1999', 1982
  5. 'Little Red Corvette', From: '1999', 1982
  6. 'I Like Funky Music'
  7. 'Controversy', From: 'Controversy', 1981
  8. 'Le Freak' (Chic cover)/'Sexy Dancer', From: 'Prince', 1979
  9. 'Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?', From: 'Prince', 1979  
  10. 'Take Me With U', From: 'Purple Rain', 1984
  11. 'Guitar', From: 'Planet Earth', 2007  
  12. 'Angel' (Sarah McLachlan cover)
  13. 'Lean On Me' (Bill Withers cover)
  14. 'Nothing Compares 2 U', From: 'The hits/the B-sides', 1993
    (Originally by Prince for The Family in 1985)
  15. 'Purple Rain', From: 'Purple Rain', 1984  
  16. 'Mountains', From: 'Parade', 1986  
  17. 'Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)' (Jackson 5 cover)
  18. 'Everyday People' (Sly & The Family Stone cover)
  19. 'I Want To Take You Higher' (Sly & The Family Stone cover)
  20. 'Kiss', From: 'Parade', 1986  
  21. 'Dance (Discoheat)'(Sylvester James cover)

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