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The missing wallet in question.

Angels from Skåne
- by Catgirl -

It all started one warm and sweaty morning in the Fist Camp. I woke up in our tent and felt a bit hungover from the night before.

Ah..yes the night before!!!

This was one of the first nights of the festival. We were sitting and playing guitar, drums and singing all night long. We were also drinking quite a lot of those chilled Carlsbergs from our very own beer pool. I think I must have gotten pretty drunk. At least so drunk that I took off my dear Roskilde wallet that I keep hanging around my neck. I took it off and laid it on the grass in front of me.

Then back to the tent, the morning after. I get up, crawl out and head for the toilets. Well back in camp I decide it's time to go take a shower, so I start looking for my wallet. I look everywhere in the tent before realizing that I probably left it outside the tent the night before. I tell Benny I think I've lost it. Then I tell the others, and ask them if they might have seen my wallet somewhere. Sanne says she thinks she's seen it, and after a while PJ puts me out of my agony and gives me my wallet. He told me he found it laying inside the partytent. I was pretty happy to get it back since I had almost 1000,- Dkr in it.

Then later that day some people from Skåne walks by our camp while I am away. They tell Benny that they had found my wallet on the grass outside the partytent. They saw it was full of money so they put it inside the partytent, hoping the right owner would get it.

Imagine that! I am just SOOO impressed and thankful for what they did. I already love Skåne because of Fredde and Angel, but now I have yet anoter reason!!

I never got to thank those people for finding my wallet. But if I ever meet them at Roskilde next year, I'm gonna thank them the best way I can....with beer!