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Bono 1982 - photo: Søren Svendsen

Metallica 1999 - Rockphoto

Jah Wobble

Bryan Adams

Leningrad Cowboys 1997 - Rockphoto

Patti Smith 2001 - Rockphoto

The Best Concert Ever
- by Püffi -

I am often asked what my best concert at Roskilde was in these 20 years ... and its real hard to answer that question as there are some concerts to choose from.

Was it the concert of U2 in 1982, when they were pretty much unknown .. an upcoming band ? When Bono (with long hair) invited us all to Ireland to come and visit him ? Or was it the concert from metallica in 1999 ? When they had so much fun up there, that they kept on sitting on stage after the concert, drinking and watching the crowd ? Or maybe Jah Wobble in 1994 .. he played 90 minutes with just three songs ... extending them to 30 minutes and more ... having heavy fog on stage and beautiful women dancing .. a VERY mystic show ... .

Or maybe ...
Bryan Adams some time in the 80s ... when he was a surprise guest, as some other bands cancelled ? He was doing a really good show (not this slow shit of today ... ) and there was a Thunderstorm going on .. without rain ! All these lightnings .. a beautiful background scene :-)

Talking about Thunderstorms ...
it could also be the concert of the Leningrad cowboys sometime in the second half on the 90s .. they were the last band on Orange stage on sunday ... and they did their joyfull show (I really recommend them ... if you have the possibility .. go and see them. They are really funny) ... and suddenly it started raining HEAVILY .. meaning you were soaking wet before you even realised it had started raining ... it was like being under a shower! But noone left ... everyone seemed to have thought : Well .. I am wet anyway .. so I can stay! And the band kept on playing ... until there was an electric problem due to the rain and the music stopped in the middle of a song. Suddenly EVERYONE was sprinting away to get some shelter .. I have never seen a crowd disappear so fast! It was a rainy year anyway ... my rubber boots were full of water in seconds .. from the rain !

So .. thinking about all this makes me think what makes a good concert.
Is it the music ? Yes, sure ... . But there are more things that make a concert a good and lasting experience, like the ones mentioned above !

Like .. the concert of Patty Smith in 2001 .. when she was playing the song "Alive" from Pearl Jam .. she actually started crying on stage .. which I think was very nice ... because it showed her anticipation to the lost ones from 2000.

The essence of all this is:
Go out there to any concert you can ... have FUN and be happy :-) Coz thats what life should be about ...