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The Blue Mountains



The Bushman files - #3 The Blue Mountains
- by Tony Charky-

Once arrived at the Blue Mountains, everyone told me to go to the tree sisters. What shall i do with 3 sisters? A threesome would already be too much for me, a foursome would just kill this old chap.

Lucky for me, I found out that the tree sisters are just mountains - three peaks from where you have a nice overlook over a blue-green canyon. When you are on top of a canyon you obviously want to know what's down there, and the perfect way to find out was on a 3 days horse ride.

With me I had eight Canadian babes (first three sisters and now eight chicks - this really started to look like a survival trip). I Haven't been on horse's back for 20 years, so after a day and a half the dingos could follow my the track of my bloody butt! But I ain't complaining, cuz in the evening by the campfire my Canadian harem took care of me like a real sultan.

At the end of the horseride I decided to walk back to the hostel along the "six footh track" - a three day walk including a 180 meter hanging brigde and a two hour climb in natural steps to finally get back out of the canyon. Starting to loose some weight here.

Later, 15 hours on a bus brougt me to see a "flying doctors"-base at Brooken Hill, a small mining town in the middle of nowhere. It never got boring, cuz you had a lot of wildlife to see. There were thousands and thousands of kangaroes, mostly "greys" but also the occasional "big red". Pfff... Man, they are BIG.

All them roes are weird and they seem to get a kick outta jumping towards oncoming headlights. Allthough our busdriver did his outmost to avoid them, some of them ended under the bus with a big bang making the busdriver shaking his head and whisper "Sorry matey, too bad".

With exception of the flying doctors, there was nothing to see here. It is pretty much a ghosttown that only comes alive during the weekends when the miners returns to town. So, leaving here I go on to the Menindee Lakes and Darling river where I spent some of the best times of my entire trip.

But more about that next time!!


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