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The Bushman files - #6 Leaving Heaven..
- by Tony Charky-

The trip from Echuca to Adelaide by coach, then hitching a ride to Kangaroo Island's ferry, all went so well that I arrived a day early.

From south of Adelaide towards the island it seems as if I'm entering South Italy. The landscape is dominated by huge fields with olive trees and vineyards.

So I arrived a day early to no vacant spot in the youth hostel, but no worries mate - my uncle rents out caravans for the terrible price of 15 aussi dollars a night (50 NOK). Guess I got lucky once again.

I went fishing at the jetty in the afternoon, couldn't catch a bloody thing, so I gave it one more try after midnight and WOW...caught 15 salmons over 1 kg each, some flatheads, tommy's and an octopus. When I returned to the caravan park in the morning, the boss was at work already so I gave him my catch of the night. And believe me, on an island everyone knows everyone, so after I gave my overnight catch to the boss, all doors at the island opened.

Each evening my first 2 beers in the local pub were for free, some of the locals took me deep sea fishing on their boat,I could ask for a free ride to any place or beach on the island and even on Old Year's Eve they made sure that I had company from some of the local beauties at the open-air miniature Roskilde Festival. No closing hour this time...If heaven on earth excist, this must be the place.

Now a bit about the island;
it was about half the sice of Belgium, 125 km by 60 km, not excactly a small island. It was inhabited by a lot of different animals, koalas, miniature pinguins, echidnas, seals and roos in plentiful of course. On some spots of the island you could find the weirdest sort of rock formations that really had a ghostly shine at sunset. Beautiful, just beautiful. I really didn't want to leave this place, but I had to cuz my girlfriend from Belgium would arrive from Perth Airport 3 days from then. I had to catch a flight from Adelaide to Perth the very next morning...

Leaving heaven for a girl is hell, isn't it?

Over and out from your traveller in the bush - Tony

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