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ChillOut Lounge

ChillOut Lounge Girl
- by Catgirl -

It was Sunday, last day of the festival. Benny had gone home to Stockholm due to a sunstroke, and I strolled around all by myself parts of the day. Early in the day I met up with Benny's earlier colleague Therese and her boyfriend. We went for an Italian Bun on the backstage, after sitting in the Oval drinking strawberry daquiries. Later on we went to see the Norwegian band Tungtvann.

The sun was shining (nothing new....) and I was quite tired after 7 days of drinking and partying. I went to several concerts that day, or parts of concerts. In the end all I was really doing was walk around and wait for the Cure concert to start.

I decided to go to the ChillOut Lounge to get an energy drink to get a kickstart. I walked down there and sat on one of the plattforms just listening to the wonderful music they were playing, watching all the people making castles in the sand.

I still had my beer, a new one, and was about to take a sip when I suddenly dropped my beer into the sand. I was to tired to I just looked at it and sighed "Noooooo".

I must have looked pretty sad, cuz this young girl sprints over to me, pours half her beer into my glass, strokes my chin and says: "Don't be sad". Then she runs off as I stutter a bewildered "thank you..." in her direction. The rest of the day I was just smiling and feeling so good.

So to the sweet girl in the ChillOut Lounge....THANK YOU...for making my day better!

(After that I went to meet the others to see the Cure...which was very nice and made the last day of the festival a very good day altogether!