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Bono 1982 - photo: Søren Svendsen
Espen, Nina and Espen's brother

Bono 1982 - photo: Søren Svendsen
Nina and Espen have just exchanged rings

Party guests

Bono 1982 - photo: Søren Svendsen
Anya - the reporter

Bono 1982 - photo: Søren Svendsen
The rings

Bono 1982 - photo: Søren Svendsen
Dancing in the dark

The Engagement
- by Catgirl -

This is a story. A true one..

It all started with the chat - of course, it always seems to do that - and two people meeting on the chat. Espen (EspenOst) had been with us on the chat for some time during 2002 and was one the new additions to the chatmeeting'02 along with Lanze (the guy with the camera man following him) and Zoid. Nina (Lokenina) had been with us on the chat even longer, but she'd never been to the chatmeeting, and she was nowhere near it in 2002 either. did they meet you might ask?

Nina and Espen were chatting from time to time and Nina, now single again, was a bit curious about Espen and shared her curiousity with me. I had met Espen after Roskilde a couple of times at SoWhat and concerts in Oslo and could reveal to her that he was a good guy with charm and humeor. I also arranged for all of us to meet at SoWhat when he was coming to Oslo for a Soulfly concert. This was back in January on a Monday. Stine (Wicky) was also with us at the concert.

At SoWhat we grabbed a few beers and had a great time, us three girls and Espen (poor lad). After some hours Nina was getting a bit tired and Espen, the perfect gentleman, offered to rub her shoulders to make it better. And it seemed to make her feel a lot better, cuz it became more and more obvious that the two of them liked eachother very well. This was further proved when Espen told Nina that if she wasn't careful, he would have to take her with him on the nightbus home to Kongsberg (that's a place pretty far from my standards anyway).

The party went on and later we all parted to go home - there was work the next morning to consider. It was hard to get up, but I was really given a wake-up call when I heard from Nina. "Guess where I am?" were her first words, and before I could even gather my thoughts on last nights events she burst out "I'm in Kongsberg!". She had taken the night bus with Espen to Kongsberg. And it would take another five days or something before she came home to Oslo. Her mom was a bit worried I think.

When she finally came home to Oslo she was just one big smile and since then the two of them have been a couple. Nina spends a lot of time in Kongsberg and before this year's festival they prepared a camper they were gonna drive to Roskilde together with Espen's brother. We would invite them to join us for parties, concerts whatever...the reply would be: "I can't, we're working on the car". And so it happened I barely saw the two of them before the chatmeeting'03. the festival;
Dressed in Hawaiian flowers they arrived at the chatmeeting quite late, hand in hand. And also with a little secret. The secret was later revealed - they were going to be engaged! At the festival! So on Friday the 27th of June I could mark my Roskilde program with an engagement party inbetween concerts.

Friday came, and along with Anya (the reporter from roskilde festival web-team) and her photographer, I found my way to the caravan camping after a very loooong walk. We were welcomed to the party with champagne and cold beers. It was held in their balloon decorated partytent in front of the camper they had been working on all spring. Friends, family, chatfriends and a hot and tired reporter took part in the celebration. Espen passed around champagne to everyone after serving his fiancè.

The happy newly engaged couple was interviewed, photographed and afterwards we partied all night long both in the camp and later at concerts. Champagne really gives you a buzz!

So, there's your love story. This is the end of MY story, and hopefully just the beginning of a long story for Espen and Nina. Thanks for a great party, congratulations once again and the very best wishes for the future. See ya next year at Roskilde - at your 1 Year Engagement Day!

Love Cat

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