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Chat with Roskilde Spokesman Esbend Danielsen 28. April'02
- captured by Fredde -

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ollie_holland : why wouldn't he? nice thing to do it here for these enthousiatic chatters
fredde : Oh my god they killed bastards!
Nile : I hope for at least ONE death metal band
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Nile : of course he doesnt gives us any new would ALMOST be as calling the US government and ask them Who Killed Kenned?? =)
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ollie_holland : pity... expected a view new names.... let's wait and hope for some big ones
party : hey folks
EspenOst : Esben: It can't rain all the time:)
roskildica : new bands :-((
Nile : Mínus will be cool....=)
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SICK BOY : bye!!!
Makrel : Even though i think that there's enough big bands attending the festival this year, then I still like to know if more BIG guys are showíng up?
fredde : see you later Esben!
tegeberg : thanks for ruining Roskilde Esben!
Philipp : bye esben...bye all!
ndk : bye....
Nile : good bye........
lp : About Coldplay. They have never been on RF. I've just checked!!!!
Norway_girl : bye!
jacob21 : ESBEN>>>>> Is it to late to hire some of those bands????
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Esben RF : I have to go ... have a nice time ... it stopped raining here ...
Nile : ManOWar have furry underwear.....HILARIOUS.....=)
tegeberg : and punk
roskildica : You are the only one :-))
Philipp : But the New Metal Bands are expensive and the new korn stuff ain't that cool!
mads664 : why have roskilde festival only booked over the hill bands like man o war
Nile : Esben...there is too little death metal...
Sowa : Am i the only one, who thinks that BAAL just HAS to come.....?
Philipp : Okay i'm out. Thanks again for the cool line-up and see you all
tegeberg : But why don't you confirm DKM Esben. All it takes is one phone call, they'd love to play!!!
Esben RF : Jacob21 - We agree, there are too litlle Nu-metal, sorry
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Norway_girl : :-(( but I am coming anyway...!! The number one reason to go to RF is the atmosphere.....
roskildica : Have Leningrad Cowboys come and kick some ass or METALLICA !!!
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fredde : Why P.Diddy btw?
jacob21 : ESBEN>>>>> New metal things??? Do you mean bands like Slayer and Manowar??? If you do, then NO!!!! I hate them... To me it seems like you have forgotten about this genre...
SICK BOY : Esben...Built to Spill,Weezer ,Foo Fighters or Wilco!!!
Esben RF : 22 pistepirrko, is not entering Dk this year
Norway_girl : 22 pistepirrko??
Nile : isnt that pleasant to eat while smelling human crap.....=)
Philipp : yes esben. Sometimes it's a bit smelly...
Esben RF : dropkick ... nit confirmed, sorry
Esben RF : Thats right 10 m It have to be ... but I now understand your point ... its even too close ... I'll take that with me

ndk : esben is a mystery man ; )
Nile : Esben........what about more death/thrash metal?? There havnt been many of those bands in all years...=).....
tegeberg : Please answer Esben: how about Dropkick Murphys?
mads664 : this years programme sucks
tegeberg : He wont asnswer mine either!
Philipp : nile is right..
Esben RF : Jacob21 - Have do you liek some of the new hardrock/metal thing on our programme compared to this ... It's very hard for me to say what is as good as them you mention for you
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Norway_girl : so Eskobar might come? I hope so!! or 22 pistepirrko?
Nile : Esben....the cooking islands were placed 10 metres from the WC's
fredde : just let us know you mailadress Esben and we will make it happen...I know it's a bad time..hehe. But you have the adress to the homepage anyway right?
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Nile : did, at least where I camped
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jacob21 : ESBEN>>>> Why won't you answer my question??? Are there going to be any bands like Korn, Deftones, Incubus, (Hed)pe, Sevendust, Soulfly and so on.....
Esben RF : Eskobar is cool ... but I have no news about it yet
Esben RF : Nile - You may not , danish hygiejnic rules

Norway_girl : :-)) Have you tried to book ESKOBAR?
Nile : Esben......why do you put the cooking islands side by side with the WC's??
Esben RF : Fredde - I keep in mind
Philipp : But it's usually the swedish girls eating all sure are norwegian??
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roskildica : When will you confirm any bands again??
tegeberg : Hultsfred had DKM last year, and they were great!
fredde : Esben don't forget to come and say hello to the chatgang....if you have the time. :o)
Nile : Norway rocks...=)
Philipp : Yeah norwegian girl
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Philipp : Gotta leave to see Cooper Temple Clause....nice band too. Yes please keep the food thing in mind.
Norway_girl : food is necessary 24x7 :-))
CampLover : see you next sunday
Esben RF : Philip - good point
Nile : Esben...great..=)
Nile : Dropkick Murphys is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY good.....
Esben RF : Nile - Right
Nile : Esben......Roskilde Festival dont buy anything from Israel?
Philipp : Suffered from that last year
tegeberg : Please Esben: Have you even concidered Dropkick Murphys???
laffer : WE WANT TOYBOMB!!!
Philipp : Esben: Please don't close all the food stalls so early on sunday night.
Norway_girl : :-))
Esben RF : We will maintain the thing in front of orange and green stage, by try to improve the ways in to the "areas"
Philipp : yeah fredde that gig was great...was there too!!
tegeberg : I talked to their manager and he said they'd love to play, they are hoping to be "invited" he said.
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Nile : Esben.....skip the DEA
Esben RF : Camplover - Yes
fredde : Best band I have even seen @RF is actually Sugar Ray...before they sold their souls to MTV
Makrel : Anything exciting dropt from Esbens mouth yet?
Esben RF : RF2002 - a lot - we recieve more than 10.000 band wishes, and we discuss and look into them a lot
Norway_girl : in front of orange stage...
Norway_girl : how about the sequrity in the crowds this year...Will it be as last year ...or even better??
CampLover : Are you still the daily leader of Gimle Esben?
tegeberg : Why aren't Dropkick Murphys playing this year!!!!????????
Esben RF : Nile - we and the athorities are doing all we can ... but we allways try to getting better
roskildica : book Toy Dolls !! best live band ever..........
laffer : and lets have toybomb on the list!!!!!!!!!!
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Nile : and check out Dropkick Murphys and Vader
RF2002 : when discussing music directions for RF - how much are you affected by audience wishes?
fredde : Don't forget to check into the Tom Ze thing...about the heart attack (not that I know who he is anyway. :o))
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Esben RF : Camplover - I agree ... more events, Our eventgroup are working hard
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Nile : there anything done to prevent it this year??
CampLover : Laserlight is boring, more live events please
jacob21 : Esben.... Will there be coming any bands like Korn, Deftones, (hed)pe, Staind, Incubus, Sevendust, Soulfly and so on....????????????????
fredde : church of spunk are cool. They must get a building permit like every year. :o)
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Esben RF : Nile - of course. Very sad. But the statistics tells us, that it will happen, because we are so many people. But still very sadly
laffer : Why arent they playing at roskilde?? i want to see them live!!!
Sowa : has anybody heard anything from "church of Spunk" will they be there this year..?
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Esben RF : You are right that robbery is a thing that can happen - but it happens in all big towns
SICK BOY : wrong tent...
Nile : Esben......does the death of that swedish male last year, affect the festival?
Philipp : yep. lost my stuff last year for a few hours...
Esben RF : Toybomb are so cool - I been part of a little danish venue in Roskilde called Gimle, we have had them several times
laffer : will there be another chat hour like this one next weekend??
Norway_girl : robberies...yes...I have been lucky. But I have a rule for the stuff i bring to RF: Never bring with you thinks you do not want to loose! :-))
trendylillebunke : Esben>>> oki :)
tanya : hallo everybody... could anybody tell me when the gates will be open?
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Esben RF : I'm not quite updated on green camp ... I will look into it - sorry
roskildica : Cant u give us one new name to tell to our information only !!??!!
trendylillebunke : Esben>>> any features for green camåp this year?
laffer : espen.. have you heard about a litlle danish punk band called.. TOYBOMB!!
Esben RF : Fredde - you are right
Nile : tip...get Dropkick Murphys, the are ARSE kicking on stage and almost everyone likes them.....
Esben RF : Very few robberies if you compare the festival to a normal city with 100.000 habitans
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fredde : there were no east of west until -95... I think
Esben RF : I usally camp on West ... becuase I like it out there ... Once I lived in the little house under the railwaybridge all year ... that was in highschool, that why (a very bad argument, I know ...)
ollie_holland : saw dropkick murphys last year at lowlands. THEY ARE GREAT!!!
Norway_girl : how many robberies are reported each festival??
laffer : that sucks!!
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Esben RF : Nile - No I havent heard them, but heard about them
Nile : Esben....what side did you camp on when you were a camper?? East or West?
Esben RF : Laffer - you maybe have to move it monday
Philipp : maybe it should be official how much money the bands want to have...unbelievable
Nile : Esben.......have you heard the Boston band called: Dropkick Murphys?
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CampLover : A big tent over the hole campingsite would be great
Esben RF : Sick Boy ... I hope your right
jacob21 : Esben... Will there be any bands like Korn, Deftones, Staind, Sevendust, Soulfly, (hed)pe and so on???
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laffer : what will then happen if i put up nmy tent sunday morning?
Esben RF : Nile --- No comments ...............
Esben RF : We do not have a slogan - but we work with "Roskilde against landmines"

Philipp : will parts of campsite open before monday?
laffer : what will then happen if i put up nmy tent sunday morning?
Nile : Esben....what do you think about the government in denmark....does it affect you??
SICK BOY : Esben...the reason why festivals are selling many tickets this year, is ROCK!more of that,please! ;o)
roskildica : What about a list on the homepage where you inform about bands that can't play on Roskilde that you have tried to book, than perhaps we the people will not get so much on you bag!! Or is this impossible??
Norway_girl : what is this years slogan?
System : jacob21 logged in at 18:51
Esben RF : The whole campsite will open monday - not before - sorry - it's because ne firerules
fredde (to Esben RF) : skriv ett mail till Monica (chatgang hemsidan) så vi blir officiellt "godkända" :o)
Stanginn : fhfhfh
Stanginn : dudidu
Philipp : Ah one more question: Will the whole Campsite be open on sunday? That sucked last year...
Esben RF : There will be lots of games - they are not all planned yet
Nile : Philipp.....hell yea......I hope they play long and tight......and at a good time of the day
heyde : I hope so!
Esben RF : A installation by a famous progressive danish artist
Stanginn : lalala
laffer : will there be some kind of games to play??
Nile : ESben....whats with the big fire thing
System : Creed logged out at 18:52
Philipp : slayer rules!!
Esben RF : I'm not updated by the floorball - I think so...
Esben RF : Light is the guideline for art stuff under the festival - we have special designed lamps, light on the trees, laserbeams connecting towers and so on ... and a big fire installation
Nile : everyone should see is live music at its best....=)
heyde : Will there be a floorball tournament again?
Esben RF : Sorry for my spellin'
Nile : Esben.........can you explain this "light" theme a little bit more?
fredde : what band would you like to see perform the most of all bands booked so far?
Philipp : How did you get Techno Animal? that is really amazing
Esben RF : Unde rthe festival I'm part of our InfoCenter - a offcie thing
laffer : WOMEN BE MY SLAVE!!!
ollie_holland : well esben, we're all waiting for a new name... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Esben RF : Stanginn - agree, sorry
Norway_girl : but where are you?? you are not at the consert-area??
Esben RF : Laffer - because i've f... much to do..
Philipp : esben: your favourites this year?
Stanginn : chick is a bad word!!!!¨
kakemonsteret : which 3?
laffer : Why only 3??
Esben RF : I hope to see 3 concerts ... then I'm lucky...
Nile : the nationality doesnt matter......=)
Philipp : once met a nice girl from roskilde...gorgeous
roskildica : what about the good looking danish chicks, dont forget them :-)
Norway_girl : then you have to walk around on the camp/consert area for 5-6 days drink beer and eat constantely...
ollie_holland : norway chicks from trondheim are my favorite!!
Esben RF : I great all norwegian chicks...
isager : chicks rule! nevermind nationality
Philipp : I love norwegian girls...
roskildica : Drink more Esben...:-)
Norway_girl : WHAT did u say about norwegian chicks?!?!? :-))
Esben RF : I normally loose 5 kg ...
roskildica : Good..............
Norway_girl : food is good!! :-)) I always gain weight during RF...or maybe it is the beer... :-))
Esben RF : I don't know the right solution - but we are focusing a lot on it ...
baskaak : Esben, will there be atlaest one big name more??? thanks
trendylillebunke : Then what about a South Park revival in one of the deejay tents - all the songs from the series and the movie :)
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Philipp : fredde: would put this instead of 20 good food!
SICK BOY : else is my girlfriend!100%
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heyde : HEAR YE!
Nile : =)
laffer : *LOL*
roskildica : Whats the solution ??
fredde : heyde : Roskilde is: 50% good vibes, 20% music, 20% REALLY good food, 10% else!<--------drunk halfnaked swedish chicks? ;o)
Esben RF : I've been a regulary camper since 1987
ollie_holland : Esben, can you give us one clue for a big name to be announced?
Esben RF : Roskildica - good point ... we are discussing this a lot ... we have the solution yet ... but lots of people tells us not to be a too narrowminded...
Philipp : yep heyde
fredde : How many times have you been to RF as a regular camper Esben?
System : CampLover logged in at 18:46
Nile : Esben....then there is only ONE solution, get South Park this year, and go there....=)
trendylillebunke : Laffer >> word *thumbs up*
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heyde : Roskilde is: 50% good vibes, 20% music, 20% REALLY good food, 10% else!
dramatica : when will the rest of the bands be revealed?
Esben RF : No - I havent ...
laffer : i think that this year's line-up us totaly cool!!!!!
roskildica : Have Roskilde considered where they want to go, music wise ?? Who wants RnB and P Diddy music on a festival ??
Nile : Esben...have you been in the cinema tent when they show South Park??
Esben RF : "fråderen" I didnt know ... but I close my eyes and imagine
fredde : Esben is cool....hehe
Esben RF : South Park rules ...
Philipp : Have to say that. Thanks to the stuff!
Sowa : roskilde is the best plece to get a "fråderen" for those of u who know tha word :/
fredde : yeah....or else we will mailbomb you Esben...if South Park wont be shown . :)
Philipp : And by the way: This is the fucking best line-up within the last years!!!
Esben RF : Nile ... new thing on my list ...
Nile : South Park is a little bit of a musical...=)
Nile : Esben....South Park has to be shown at the cinema.....!!!!
Philipp : Very Cool!
fredde : good Esben...thought of that for a while. :) Camping pics are always popular....brings a nice feeling to you when you look at it on cold winter nights.
Esben RF : Campstage will start tuesday, and there will be night music-film afterwards as a new think - like Jimi play Monterrey and so on - on big screen
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trendylillebunke : Sowa>>> yeah- those are great but go try some of the baked potatoes too at Hjaltes ;)
Esben RF : Lousiana will be back ... yeahhh
Philipp : maybe i missed the camping stage there again this year?
laffer : FREE BBQ???? HELL YEAH!
Esben RF : Fredde - cool idea... on my list
heyde : What about Deftones again?
Sowa : im just looking forward to comsuming a lousiana burger..nice
SICK BOY : cool!
Philipp : Hello all. nearly forgot about the chat...hell
Esben RF : Big BBQ for free use
fredde : Put a kind of elevator out in the campsite somewhere so you can send people up to take nice pictures of all the tents.
Esben RF : Sick Boy - no ...
trendylillebunke : Espen RF>>> big BBQ'es - arranged or?
SICK BOY : Esben...are you telling us that there will be no more big bands this year?
System : Philipp logged in at 18:41
Esben RF : This year there will be big barbecues at the cook-islands on the campsite.
Sowa : i'm whit the barbecue :)
Creed : maybe green day *?*
micha : can we make a barbeque in the area for caravans
dramatica : How about Elbow, Radiohead, Queen Adreena or Björk?
Esben RF : Go taking, helping, guiding so on
roskildica : thats good because the earlier years this have been a problem !!
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heyde : I know that they can easily turn out the fires, but people start them again 5 minutes later
Nile : Esben RF......what will they do? the good mood patrols?
Esben RF : Creed is not coming to Europe in our period ... sorry
Esben RF : Nile -- yes exactly
Esben RF : We think about this that one beer stand is not enough
Esben RF : Our firepatrols work very good - I know it seems not of much - but we have had big test after the festival, where we tryed sticking fire to tent, and test have to shut the fires down afterwards - and its working very good

roskildica : About the burning, dont stop selling beers sunday night, then people will stay and drink instead!!
fredde : unfortunaltely I wasn't there last year... :(
Nile : Esben RF.....will there be "good mood" patrols at the camping site?
laffer : but you are negotiating with them or what??
fredde : hey...Esben..put a link to the chatgang on the homepage. :) We were getting filmed last year for a documentary by an english TV-company!
isager : have RF booked nice weather for the festival?
roskildica : will weezer be playing this year and what about Monster Magnet?
Esben RF : Cant confirm Donots ...
heyde : More firemen is a good start - two guys with a bucket of water isn't enough for 100m2
Esben RF : We are working a lot on this sunday problem - luckily it was less last year... we try with good mood patrols this year... to try keep the good spirit up.
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Norway_girl : I agree!! sunday tent burning is stupid!
laffer : Yeah espen i have heard a rumour about Donots??
roskildica : sunday tent burning sucks
System : img99 logged in at 18:38
Esben RF : This tent burning sucks ... lets think how we can make it go away and party instead
heyde : What about Donots?
CampLover : What about the fires on sunday night. Some people are really frighten and go home before the evening. Something has to be done. Maybe its the one day tickets on sunday
Esben RF : Uni-radio er cool ... but they like to try the rumours ... we only publive the sure bands ...
isager : yes she is! but not the best musician though...
heyde : 2 years ago some swedish guy burned my military boots sunday night. THAT pissed me of...
ndk : so......tell us something surprising and interesting....
Esben RF : I think Ballroom as usual will ahev lots of supergoodlooking artists...
sven3632 : and what about the list of bands at with mor than 140 bands?
Esben RF : we hope to get sold out ... 65.000 tickets
fredde : Is Nelly Furtado the best looking performer this year? :)
Esben RF : It get pissed of also ... we have a group thinking alot on a solution - but we haven't found the great idea yet
laffer : and how many do you think will be sold this year??
isager : biggest problem with bottle collectors is that they raid your camp at night
Esben RF : Last year we sold aprox 65.000 all in all
heyde : I understand that - it's just really annoying...
Nile : is really annoying when the bottle collectors go with FLASHLIGHTS during a concert in the dark....that makes me quite pissed off
laffer : cool.. but how many was sold last year??¨
Esben RF : Bottlet collectors are people with tickets - they are not on behalf of the festival - tahts why it is so complicated
Norway_girl : but was it a problem before with a lot of glass and bottles all over the place?
sven3632 : on there are mor than 140 bands for RF02... are they call confirmed yet? seems so...
Norway_girl : bottlecollectors- some of them are really rude, because they stand next to you waiting for you to finish your beer!!
Esben RF : Laffer - double as last year at this time ... so looking gooooodddd
System : Creed logged in at 18:34
heyde : There shouldn't as many, and they shouldn't be allowed to collect stuff during the concerts
Esben RF : Erykah ... I like
laffer : how many tickets have been sold??
Esben RF : Fredde - good question, but no - thats nice
trendylillebunke : Hey Esben I just want so say that it so great that Erykah Badu is comming this year. I was on the HP for a month ago and wished for her to play... and now she is comming... *thumbs up*
Nile : Esben....its a hard question.....what do you think about the bottle collectors?
RF2002 : how is the share so far between tickets sold in Denmark and tickets sold in the rest of europe?
Esben RF : What would you suggest concerning the bottle collectors ...
fredde : has bands said no to come to Roskilde due to the accident in 2000?
heyde : Do something about the bottle collectors
Esben RF : Its not a question of turning down - morely a problem of timeschedule, planning, tour puzzle and so on
roskildica : More rock, no R 'n B....please !!
Nile : Esben......I miss the GUINNESS beer on the festival.....=)
ollie_holland : will more bands from Holland to perform at Roskilde this year?
sigi : in werchter there are coming a lot of great bands, like air, mercury rev and lamb, any chance we'll see them in roskilde?
fredde : I think it's perfect the way it is Esben. :) No need to improve the best festival in the world...
Esben RF : A cant promise in precise numbers - bnut approx 150 artist will be performing
System : trendylillebunke logged in at 18:31
Esben RF : Nile - good thinking, we are trying a lot
CampLover : Can you promise 20 more bands?
roskildica : Foo Fighters are playing a festival in Scotland around Roskilde..have you booked them as well??
Esben RF : What do you miss most besides special music/bands on the festival - what should we improve
Nile : Esben RF.........cant you and some more festivals try to do something about those commerzial bands? Like a boycot or sth......=)
fredde : what really big names have you been in contact with and have been turned down by?
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Esben RF : More bans will come from now until the festival
Esben RF : Its a new trend that Big Names only will play few jobs for a big ticketfee, to earn a lot quick - sorry

ndk : when are the rest of bands released?
System : laffer logged in at 18:29
Esben RF : Leif is behind lines - but he lets us do it ourselfes - but we can ask him for help if we like
fredde : Andrew WK and Lost Prophets (unofficial) are at borth RF and Ozzfest
RF2002 : Leif has resigned officially - but is he still helping out 'befind the lines' this year?
Esben RF : Ozzfest make it impossible for the bands to do lots of other gigs
System : kakemonsteret logged in at 18:28
roskildica : will Weezer be playing this year??
fredde : what's the reason for not getting more bands that are involved in Ozzfest 2002?
Donnie Vie : Roger waters is playing England in the days before he is available
heyde : I kinda like that "answer"
Nile : hehehe
Nile : but thats my opinion
Esben RF : Cant comment on Red Hot (political mode)
Nile : I dont like that new rock thing.......
System : ollie_holland logged in at 18:27
Esben RF : The huggin patrol have we tried to change a bit this year - hope you like it
roskildica : new rock wave from us kicks ass, good booking !!
ndk : The White Stripes are great.........
heyde : Esben: On the official Chili Peppers homepage, it sais that they'll play all four days. True?
Norway_girl : will the "hugging" girls and boys in pink dresses be there this year as last? I liked them! :-)))
fredde : Esben do you know Cathrine L that works with Media?
System : laffer logged out at 18:26
roskildica : Slayer can be more than one day still ??? explain please.....
Esben RF : What do you thnik about this new rock wave from US .... And you will know us,... White Stripes, Black Rebel MC
Nile : ok
CampLover : Tried to book New Order this year??
Esben RF : Slayer can be more than one day still
roskildica : Weezer than??? :-()
System : lumia logged out at 18:24
ndk : How about Tricky or N.E.R.D?
fredde : save the link Esben...give Monica your mailadress and we'll meet you and share a few beers. :)
Esben RF : We have sold the double than last year right know
Nile cranks Slayer - Raining Blood.......\m/
Donnie Vie : How about some party hard Rock like David Lee Roth, Motley Crue, Posion
lp : how many tickets are sold so far compare to other years
Nile : you know which day Slayer is going to play?
Esben RF : Chatgang are cool - try Freddes link if you like to know more...
fredde : here's a link ti the chatgang....
Esben RF : Bigbang are cool I know them - we had them before
roskildica : sorry, Esben :-)
Esben RF : Sorry - Live is not touring in our period
Norway_girl : bigbang from Norway? have you heard of them? have you tried to book them?
Donnie Vie : when you say it´s a secret is ti because you have not confirmed the band??
fredde : cool. :) I am in it....will you come and meet us this year? We are having a yearly meeting on festival thursday @15.00
roskildica : Esper, anything about the band LIVE??? will they play this year???
Esben RF : Thursday - Ramstein and Manu Chao is some of the headliners
Nile : Esben.....are there more headliners to be presented?
sven3632 : headliner on thursday?
Esben RF : Fredde - wirte a little abour the chatgang for all to know more...
ndk : What chatgang?
Esben RF : Close band - that a secret
Esben RF : Yes ... I know the chatgang ... of course

roskildica : chatgang??
CampLover : Which band close on Orange Stage this year?
fredde : Esben...have you heard about the RF-chatgang?
Norway_girl : :-) cool! I don't have that much time off work...otherwise i would really have considered the workcamp
heyde : I think it's a really great idea!
Nile : Esben RF....I think it is a great idea.......
Esben RF : The stages will not be very speicla this year - but we have just startet a projetc on new stages for 2003
sven3632 : i am very disappointed about the line-up and think i will sell my ticket
laffer : i'll be back!
RF2002 : are you getting more rejections from bands that earlier - are the competition between the festivals becoming harder?
Esben RF : Workcamp is a opportunity for people from all over the world to live in Rsokidel for 2-3 weeks, and be part of making the festival happen.
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ndk : Will Rammstein have their fireshow?
Nile : laffer.....hell yea...=)
laffer : Fire = Rammstein!!
Norway_girl : what is the workcamp??
Nile : Esben RF........will there be new effects on stage this year?? last year there were lots of fire...=) that was rather cool.....
Esben RF : What do you think about our workcamp idea
sven3632 : the weekend after RF there are machine head, biohazard, halford,... in Leipzig, so why won't they come to RF?
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Esben RF : Sorry - I can't answer for all bands that you wishes
Nile : Esben was in 99...or sth.........
heyde : No, definitely not last year
Donnie Vie : Can you tell us when the next bands will be revealed?
ndk : How about Jon Spencer Blues Explosion?
Esben RF : Quano Apes - I think we had them last year ... I'm not sure
laffer : sum 41, NFG, Bad religion???
Nile : South Park is a Roskilde classic....already.....
heyde : That's Guano Apes...
Nile : Esben RF.....YES, South Park has to be shown....
heyde : What about Quano Apes? That would really be cool...
Esben RF : Blink are cool - but not this year
lumia : what about manic street preachers or radiohead?
fredde : South Park MUST be shown in the Cinema Tent
Esben RF : Mike Tramp wont be at Roskilde - sorry
laffer : blink 182!!!
Donnie Vie : Mike Tramp
Esben RF : Camplover - we have to be unpredictable .... so surprises have to come
Nile : =)
Nile : damn....he's quicker than me
laffer : okay!
Nile : Laffer....its a band And You will know by the trail of the dead
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Esben RF : The band : And you will know us by the trail of dead
CampLover : Why don't a Time schedule for event's and happenings besides the music? Of course I love to be surpriced but I also missed a lot of cool happenings
laffer : what do you mean about "and you will know"?????
Esben RF : Live is not touring Europe in our period
Esben RF : coldplay have been on RF before - sorry

roskildica : Esben, can u tell anything about LIVE????
Nile : Esben RF....are you about to solve the bottle collector problem?
Esben RF : I look a lot forward to see Ramstein, Clickhaze, Erykah, Gotn Project, And you will know ...
Stanginn : What about Muse?
Stine *S* : det ville ellers være smart at få Coldplay til at spille, nu hvor de skal spille på midtfyn
lp : why not coldplay this year. they have never been to RF
heyde : :-)
Esben RF : Depche is not coming - sorry - they'd like to, but it didn't fit by their tourplan
roskildica : EyeQ...get serious !!
Stanginn : What about Depeche Mode?
Nile : Esben bring some death/thrash metal...=)
ndk : Which bands would you like to see?
Donnie Vie : is there coming any more metal bands? Halford is on Tour in Europe that weekend
Esben RF : Rammstein will not open the festival
heyde : What about EyeQ?
Esben RF : Nile - hope so, we are working on it.
Esben RF : Blur is not turing dfestivals sorry. Coldplay we think shuldn't come this year - sorry

Nile : Esben there coming any more metal bands?
lumia : is there any chance of getting muse? what about blur, my vitriol, dandy warhols..?
laffer : how can they play when its dark, when they are going too open the festival
Esben RF : There will be 3 bands on orange stage thursday - I can't tell yet who will open .... thats a secret
isager : Larzon from Millencollin broke his albow, Kjell from (no longer existing) NO FUN AT ALL plays instead
fredde : I heard if from a friend that saw him last week...when he had the heart attack on stage!
Nile : Oi! what up?
heyde : Thank you :-)
Stanginn : Are Depeche Mode coming to the festival this year?
CampLover : Have you tried to book New Order?
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Esben RF : Rammstein wil play in the DARK
lp : will there be 3 bands onnage stage thursday, Rammstein, Manu Chao and ???
Esben RF : I havent heard bad rumours about Tom Ze - lets hope it's not true
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fredde : heard that Tom Ze had a heart attack....will he show up?
laffer : what about donots????
heyde : Will it be dark when Rammstein plays? You've said that they're opening the festival...
Stine *S* : what about Cold play... they was on the list last year ... but did not come... could´'t you get them to play??
Esben RF : We've tried lots of the Nu-metal bands - but not succeeded so far - sorry
laffer : try too look at their web site but they are still playing their tour!!
roskildica : What about Live??? :-))
ndk : Rammstein rules!!!
Donnie Vie : On the press conference we were told that you wanted some ozzfest bands. Did you try to book Ozzy?
Esben RF : We all looks forward to Rammstein
Esben RF : Our focus is mainly new bands - not to repeat - except of coruse for the big names

Norway_girl : I cant wait to hear Rammstein! :-)))))))
Esben RF : I haven't heard that about Milencolin - make him healthy
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ndk : so....can`t they come again?
laffer : i have heard that millencolins drummer have broke his arm??
Esben RF : Dear Donnie - our programme have the best critisism in 4 or 5 years this year - so I think lot's of people disagree with you
Donnie Vie : I am truly worried about the future for the festival. I don´t think that many people from other countries will pay so many money to see the billing this year.
Esben RF : Furillo will be playing on campstage
Esben RF : Muse, Placebo and Sigur Ross have been on the programme before

isager : my bad Esben, 138 bands on the list, 48 more than on tuesday
Sowa : well, I miss Dave Matthews
laffer : i think that it's great too finaly see some danish upcoming punk bands on the list.. like furillo!!!
heyde : What about the rumours that Red Hot Chili Peppers will play all four days? It's seen before...
Esben RF : If you come to camp before monday, we cannot asure you, that you dont have to move your tent on monday. We did'nt like it so - but the firerules of denmark demands this.
ndk : You should get bands like Muse, Placebo and Sigur Ross.......
casper : I think the progrmme is great. You've done an amazing job finding exciting bands in all types of music.
Esben RF : The tents would be the same color as last year
RF2002 : which colors do the tents have this year? ;-)
Esben RF : Fatboy and junior senior - I read that too - interesting ....
larsV. : they are the bands of tommorow and I read fatboy slim are going to work with junior senior, thats not everyday stuff?
Esben RF : If you compare festivals - we have lots of big names - of course depending on taste of music

Donnie Vie : Are there still 30 bands to be annouced (praying for Lenny Kravitz, Ozzy, Elvis Costello)
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Esben RF : Our programme is not finished yet - more will come - but we cannot book everything new - ofcourse
roskildica : will Live play??
Donnie Vie : Still - If we cannot see the "big names" on the biggest festival in Northern Europe. Where should we?
larsV. : then it's really strange you don't book bands and newcomers like Junior Senior and Mikael Simpson,
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Esben RF : We like to make cool suprises - we wouldn't be Roskilde, if we just had names you'd knew
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Norway_girl : Surferosa- there you can find some contactinformation
Esben RF : Of course we take critisizing seriously - but our purpose is mainly to find the bands of tomorrow - not to show lot's of bands heard much before
RF2002 : how many of the last 30 bands are booked, but not announced yet?
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ndk : the bands you`ve publiced are quite unknownn........
Donnie Vie : something with mass appeal
lp : (camping area conue) last year u said the same. But it opened at friday/satuday
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larsV. : Hi Esben, do you take notice when people critisize your program, like berlingske tidende this week?
Esben RF : What is a big name - for some its Slayer for others it's Erykah Badu ... sp it depends
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Donnie Vie : Dissapointing program so far. Been looking forward to this festival for a year now. Can´t you please provide some sunshine on this rainy day and promise us that there will be some big names added
Esben RF : Be sure that surferosa have send their demo material to our booking
Norway_girl : :-) I hope so!! They are really an up-and-coming trashpunk-pop band!
Esben RF : Our budget for music is the same as last year
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RF2002 : how big is the budget for booking this year - and is it any differen form the last couple of years?
Esben RF : Our offcial campsite opens monday the 24. of june at 12:00 o'clock
Esben RF : Surferosa - I don't no, they are not on our lust right now - but maybe our Norway expect have them in her pocket.

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lp : hello esben. when will RF open the camping area this year. ???
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laffer : do you have any BIG names left to publish??
Esben RF : If you look under newsletters you will see allt he bands we have publiced. It's approx 130 - normally some of then cancels, so we expect to come with around 30 more
ndk : : (
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Esben RF : Bowie is not coming - he's gonna play a indoor gig instead in Jutland - sorry
Norway_girl : are you planning to getting the norwegian band Surferosa to RF??
ndk : Have you made any progress getting David Bowie to RF?
isager : no, 90 bands, i've counted
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Esben RF : Bands - the new thing is what we publiced tuesday .. aprox 130 bands
isager : heard about the workcamp, what's new on the band-front?
isager : well, in bergen, norway the sun is shining
Esben RF : Have you heard about our workcamp initiative
ndk : so what`s new?
Esben RF : Here in Roskilde it's raining cats and dogs - shitty
Destiny! : god kveld god kveld esben.
Esben RF : Hallo, I'm back in business
isager : hei Esben

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