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Forssis' friend Henrik took this photo of Catgirl and Forssis by the brigde. More cutting heads than cutting edge....hehe

Joining Forssis
- by Forssis/Catgirl -

Forssis Roskildeplæds is a website by some crazy swedes that writes in a language that looks like a mix between Swedish and Danish. has been in contact with Forssis himself on several occations by mail, but this summer they actually showed up at the chatmeeting. A great surprise and really nice to meet someone else who runs an online Roskilde fanzine. And this is what Forssis wrote about the meeting in his wonderful diary:

"Nirre, Forssis och Henrik gjorde som fikusarna i Village People uppmanar till, och gick västerut mot bron. Det dom skulle göra där var att möta Roskilde Chatgang, ett gäng som rör sig kring norska Roskildesidan På vägen dit träffade sällskapet bl.a. på en klassisk orkester som stod och lirade fiol med notställ, frackar och allt. Väl framme vid bron var det inga som helst problem att hitta gänget."

and in English:

"Nirre, Forssis and Henrik did like the fruits in Village People commanded - go West towards the brigde. By the brigde they were going to meet up with the Roskilde Chatgang, the group of people that the site is centered on. On their way they met, amongst others, a classical orchestra who played the violin. They had the entire gear - suits, music stands and everything. When we finally arrived at the brigde we had no problem whatsoever in locating the gang."

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