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The Ticket

The man

A Night With Martin L. Gore
The Astoria, London, 2. May 2003
- Setlist

- by Catgirl-

In My Time Of Dying (Traditional - Inspired by Bob Dylan's cover from 1962)
Stardust (David Essex - OST "Stardust")
I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (Hank Thompson/Lynn Russwurm)
Only When I Lose Myself (Depeche Mode)
Sweetest Perfection (Depeche Mode)
Coming Back To You (Leonard Cohen)
By This River (Brian Eno)
Lost In The Stars (Maxwell Anderson/Kurt Weill)
In Your Room (Depeche Mode)
Walking In My Shoes (Depeche Mode)
Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Ron Mael - The Sparks)
Surrender (Depeche Mode)
The Love Thieves (Depeche Mode)
Candy Says (Lou Reed - The Velvet Underground)


Loverman (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
Home (Depeche Mode)
A Question Of Lust (Depeche Mode)
Shake The Disease (Depeche Mode)


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