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Jumbo goes to Roskilde
- by Jason "Jumbo" Kim, Australia -

well it seems i have somehow managed to find myself back in berlin. im staying with my new found friend franzi (she's the greatest!) and now have to recover after a HUGE 4 days at roskilde and work out where im going and how to get there. but ill press rewind on the jumbo and tate travel video. so the three of us made it to prague eventually after tate got his visa on his birthday without being arrested, which was strange considering all the drugs and alcohol in his body. i think he said something about sitting in a room where alot of ppl around him were drinking alcohol and smoking dope and thats how it got into his system. anyway for his 21st birthday i guess the best present he got was his visa.

made it to prague and got hasselled by some czechs to stay at their hostels. being the wise travellers that we are we ended up picking the worst hostel in the entirety of prague. make that the entirety of the world. cooper was also nowhere to be seen after i sent him an email telling him to meet us at the train station at around 7pm (cooper took that to mean we would arrive an hour either side of 7 so he claims he couldnt be bothered turning up). our hostel, which was elegantly named the travellers hostel, consisted of 50 beds in an old disused gym. top accommodation if u enjoyed the company (and the smell....)

went out into town that nite to have some drinks for tates bday. prague being the best city in the world for so many reasons. its cheap (and im broke so there i was less broke), its beautiful in its architecture and culture and is almost untouched by capitalism (i say almost though....) anyway went for dinner in the old town square which was pretty sweet and ate like royalty for probably the first and last time on our travels. then made our way to an awesome little czech pub near the main bridge where we were served by some thoroughly drunk bartenders. in fact everyone was pretty much off their rocker. i insisted on shouting tate beers all nite considering it was his 21st but when we both realised it worked out to be about 60 cents a beer we didnt really care who shouted and that was prolly the reason why everyone in the pub was so drunk. after discussing the fact that we were going to open our little czech pub in sydney (complete with czech ppl working there) we decided to go home. just before going to bed i heard a trickling water sound and opened my eyes to see some weird urinating all over the locker next to his bed. after a good 30 seconds of emptying his overstocked bladder he calmly zipped up and climbed back into bed. i just lay there on my wooden dwarf-like bed and wondered what the heck was happening....

in the early morning we got out of there as fast as three backpackers escaping a seedy hostel could go (not that fast at 8am). climbed mount everest (pretty much) to get to this place called the clown and bard which was quite good. met up with cooper (who had gone quite mental after no sleep and was talking gibberish) and got some rest. the next few days involved pretty much everyone drinking absenth (methylated spirits passing as alcohol), taking alot of photos, walking around alot, living like millionaires, playing chess and having fun. beck met up with a friend of hers from holland and we didnt see that much of cooper. having the extra person added to our threesome was so good as our trio had turned into a warped isosceles triangle (disfigured and mangled). some other good memories of prague involve tate going to the bathroom to have a shower. at the time i thought he was taking a fairly long time to have one. i mean all that hair cant take that long to dry. he came back, possibly 30 minutes later, to tell me he'd forgotten his towel and had to dry himself down with the toilet paper. pretty classy...

another would have to be tate's extra sensory perception. as you may know he is pretty short sighted. but as we would walk around prague it was pretty amazing how he couldnt read a street sign or see a building 5 metres away but he could spot a good looking girl about 100 metres away and describe in great detail what she was wearing and why she was so hot. as they say in seinfeld: 'spottin racoons'.....

got up the morning of the 27th at the ridiculous hour of 5 to start making our way to roskilde. left cooper in berlin and beck on the train as tate and i caught the trusty safflebussen again to copenhagen. met up with swedish beck and anjelica and toby and the rest around 1 in the morning and got to sleep in our 2 man tent (with 4 ppl in it). it was pretty smelly. tate claimed one morning he was so claustrophobic he was going to explode....


having no money i planned to spend 100 kr over the 4days. wondering at this stage whether it was going to happen (100kr is 25 bucks) didnt see much and the main performer was WYCLEF JEAN who i was hanging out to see. he totally rocked and was one of the best over the four days. he has an amaying diversity and went from 'no woman no cry' to perfect gentleman, some old fugees songs, it doesnt matter, some old skool hip hop and some true to form rock n roll. the highlight was the guitar playing behind the back of the head i think....

saw a really good danish band called WYNONA who are abit like beth orton and cowboy junkies. and then wandered over to the swedish pop 'sensation' hakan hellstrom. the major disappointment was the cancellation of jurassic 5 who would have been a highlight. BECK was also moved from his slot to before nick cave so we went and saw him and he lived up to being the king of cool. performed some slow stuff, some funk, the hits....missed where its at and devils haircut to get to the front of nick cave. NICK CAVE was sensational. i passed out from too much excitement like a lovesick girl.... (joke) he played as i sat sadly by her side, 15 ft, their first birthday party song, do u love me, henry lee, the weeping song, red right hand and a whole lot more. the atmosphere was probably the best i saw at roskilde and everyone was singing along to all the songs which created such a huge vibe. the bad seeds were sensational and the performance of warren ellis was a standout. after nick cave i went alone to neil young and crazy horse and was also blown away there. he played at the main stage and was captivating and it was easy to see why he is so respected and loved in the music world. unfortunately i ran out of film and couldnt take any photos of him. i also realised i had used 100 speed film inside for nick cave so it might not come out which would be a major disappointment.

by this stage we were getting pretty tired and the tent was squashy and small (possibly shrinking...). the rubbish, on the other hand, was getting bigger. tate thought a shower meant running a small wet wipe all over your body and i took it to mean pouring cold water on your hair and hoping it would wash your entire body and give it a nice soapy smell. day 3 turned out to be pretty doughy. everyone bought stuff from the stalls and got free tasty breaks pasta. around 7 we saw MANU CHAO who was pretty cool. the tent was going off and tate and i chose to sit outside. i totally missed bob dylan to get stuff from the tent which wasnt too good but i later heard he was crap and didnt sing with any passion. then we made the mistake of going to see OZOMATLI instead of pj harvey. they were ok but i love pj harvey alot more than ozomatli. beck loved them though and thought they were thebest thing at the festival so far. fortunately we had ROBBIE WILLIAMS to look forward to on the main stage and he was massive. played a cover of beautiful day and rollin' by limp bizkit as well as a punk version of want u back by take that. played alot of his own like shes the one, angel, millenium, eternity?, rock dj, kids. it was pouring down with rain though and everyone was exhausted so i was left to enjoy (and sing along) all on my own. i think i am going to buy some robbie when i get back to australia... also becuase it was pissing down we barred off faithless and stereo mc's. probably shouldnt have but we were all ready to crash. so glad that the weird swedes and danes decided to start yelling at 5am and then piss all over our tent too....

saw a few suprisingly good bands. MODEST MOUSE who are lo fi and ARAB STRAP, who are scottish, are two that tate and i listened to whilst half asleep and are definitely worth looking into. PATTI SMITH (who now looks like the female version of bob dylan - very scary) rocked with some of her hits, some spoken word and her rememberance of the 9 ppl that died here last yr with a cover of alive by pearl jam. another artist i am going to get into when i get home.

THE CURE - tate and i waited from the end of patti smith to get a good spot for the cure and we were against the fence in the second cordoned off section which meant an awesome view and lots of free water. in short they were the best band at roskilde. not for everyone but for us it was a chance to see one of our favorite bands again and to be in the awesome atmosphere that roskilde had generated over the four days. they played kiss me, deep green sea, open, trust, just like heaven, without you, a forest, someday maybe, bloodflowers and alot more. it went for about 2 hours and was a perfect closing to what had been the best festival ive ever been to. over the four days some memories have been the great crowds (so friendly, so into the music and so cool), the great stalls where u could get heaps of free stuff, the variety of bands, the relaxing nature and the ppl dressed in pink ready to give u a hug´when u came thru the gates. its a pity that nothing like roskilde could ever ben generated in australia. i starved on noodles and water, tate managed to not bog for 4 days (the colon of steel), we all saw different bands, juggled abit, and found a whole lot of new music (scandinavian) that we're unlikely to hear about or get in australia. it was a fantastic experience.

Top 5 favorite bands at ROSKILDE (a la high fidelity):


after the cure finished we got our stuff and caught the train back to copenhagen. for the first time pretty much since ive been away i really wanted to be back home in my own bed, to not worry about money or food or where to sleep and to see family and friends and get away from tate and beck. got to copenhagen train station and had to wait till 5.30 for the office to open only to find that the trains for the day were all pretty much booked out and the next one was at 4pm (so like 11 hours away). tate left for gothenburg at 6.30am on the bus and it was all pretty cruisy for him. beck and i pondered what to do. at this stage i might have given my right arm for a shower, hot food and a bed. beck decided to try her luck with a train at around 10am so i dont know what happened or where she is. i booked a spot on the bus at 2pm so had a few hours to kill. they were possibly the most boring and uncomfortable hours of my entire life....

i had no idea how to book a hostel in berlin since i didnt have enough money for a phone card to call from denmark and i didnt have any numbers cause id given my guidebook to cooper when we parted. so i just hoped and prayed. luckily i met my new best friend franzi on the bus and when we go off i said i was going to mehringdamm to try my luck at this hostel. we travelled part of the way together as it is near where she lives and she gave me her number in case anything happened. well i got there and it turns out that berlin is pretty much booked out. so being ready to cry or go insane, i called franzi and she told me i could stay at her place. i dont know what i wouldve done without her and i think im indebted to her for the rest of my life! ive just worked out i was probably awake for 40 hours straight since waking up on day 4 at roskilde.....

hopefully i can get things sorted to leave berlin in 2 days to get to rome. after rome i hope to get to barcelona and go around the coast. tates got a friend i can stay with in valencia and im really looking forward to actually relaxing on the beach. so thats the story up to speed. its pretty long but i hadnt written for about a week or so. im hoping to come back home around the 16th of july but i dont know if itll be possible or not as its especially hard to change ur flight during peak season.

later, jumbo

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