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Fredde reports from the Korn
concert in Cph

The new album - Untouchables

Liveshoot from one of the new videos from Untouchables

Korny Story
- by Fredde -

Korn Live In Copenhagen 27th August 2002

For the first time ever since they formed Korn, they were heading for Scandinavia and two gigs. First they played Stockholm on the 26th of August, then Copenhagen the next day.

Was getting excited from reading the rewievs from the concert in Stockholm before I got ready to head for Copenhagen. Went with the famous Fredde2 and met up with "Personal Jesus" and "Heksesanne" + 2 friends at a bar in Cph. Took two cabs to be there in time for the doors opening. But we ran across some little green friends in the parkinglot outside and got a bit distracted. Thanks Tuborg. :o) So we missed out on the first warmup called Trust Co. Got inside in time to listen to Disturbed. They rocked pretty good. None of us were that updated on them so we really got jumping when they did a great version of the old Tears for Fears song "Shout". Other songs worth checking out is "Stupified" and "Down with the sickness"

The place, Valbyhallen, was packed. Saw the farewellconcert with Smashing Pumpkins there, but now...more people..more HEAT! We found a good spot to jump around and when they entered the stage they blew everybody away with "Here to stay" as the 1st song.

Then as followed (cut this from the forum, don't kill me if it's incorrect)

Good God
Dead Bodies Everywhere
Bottled Up Inside
Falling Away From Me
Make Me Bad/One (Metallica!!)/Justin -Medley
Freak On A Leash
Somebody Someone
Kill You
Shoots And Ladders
Got the Life

Of course the more wellknown songs like Here to stay, ADIDAS, Faget, Falling away from me and Got the life got the crowd going manic!
We were screaming and jumping like everyone else in there. There were not too many slow or silent moments.
Me and PJ were nice (or nasty) enough to call some friends during some songs to share out joy.
It was incredibly hot and sweaty. Ran totally out of energy on the way home to Sweden.
Over all a great show...sound was good too. I lost one of my earplugs, but it wasn't too loud without them. Lucky me and my tinnitus. :)

All in all, money well spent. Went home with a big fat smile on my face!