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Jim'll Fix It
- by Tinkerbell, 2007-

Before I begin: I apologise to those of you who have no idea what I'm on about: Jim'll Fix It was a British kids TV show in the 1980s/1990s, where kids wrote to Jim- a white-haired bloke in a shellsuit with a medallion- and asked him to make their dreams come true. Whether it was swimming with the dolphins, or meeting a pop star, no dream was too big or small for Jim...)

Dear Jim,

I hope you don't mind me writing you a letter- I know I might be a bit old, but I'd really like you to fix it for me to be back at Roskilde. I might have moaned about being cold and wet, and about the fact that my tent flooded, but I just can't seem to get over the fact that I'm back on dry land and I have to wait another 11 months before I can be back in front of the dreaming spires of the Orange stage, or staring at the ceiling and drifting away into a land of twee in front of the Pavillion.

I know the Official RF people have kindly provided us with a very nice, shiny forum (which I use a lot, I fact, I'm a full member...), regular email updates and a plethora of photos but I still want to be back at Roskilde, dancing to a band I've stumbled upon at random, having the time of my life. I want to know who's playing next year, and get excited by the fact that an obscure Danish band who very few people have heard of (but me...) are playing, because they make my heart go boom.

I want to be nodding in agreement to a Swedish guy who "totally understands" where I'm coming from, or sharing a Brause-Vodka (or maybe a Frog Juice) with those crazy Germans I met. I want to be having a mud fight with a crazy Dane who insists that he's Norwegian and that he "can see Sweden from here"... I want to be discussing the shit-ness of budget airlines and how beautiful the Scandinavians are with the Brits. I want to be dancing with the coolest kids in the world and shouting Skåååååååååååååååål at every possible opportunity. I want to dress like a cheap telephone hooker with a cheap wig and not care who looks. It's fun.

I know some people need beaches and sunshine to take their care away, but I don't. All I need is mud (or dust), fantastic music and the most amazing group of people I'll ever meet, and I'll be fine. More than fine, in fact... I'll be amazing.

I want to be back at Roskilde...So Jim, do you think you can fix it for me?

Me (age 24 and a bit)

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