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Newborn 27th Dec

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Chatbaby Supreme
- by Catgirl -

Kjella and Sanne met at Roskilde 2000 - at the very chatmeeting - for the first time. They had been chatting on the web some time before, and since both coming from the north of Norway - decided to meet up. This was our 2nd chatmeeting ever.

After a few beers Kjella and Sanne were talking and the rest of the festival sparks were flying. Now, these things happen from time to time...but noone has ever been as serious as these two.

Shortly after meeting eachother at Roskilde, they become a couple and Sanne moves to Oslo together with her son Loke. Here she studies, works and after a longer while moves together with Kjella in a rented apartment.

They have also gotten engaged. This happened after Roskilde Festival, when they were touring Eastern Europe to party and to pay respect at some more sober and dreadful historic sites from WW2.

After they have bought an apartment, and then they suddenly needed a new car too - a family car. Sanne and Kjella were going to be parents. And they would also be the first chatcouple to have a baby...exciting stuff.

After 9 months of waiting we were all paying close attention to our MSN to see if the baby would come to this world just before Christmas as "planned". Well...she sure took her time. On 27. December 2005 at 22.29 a baby girl was born. She weighed 3690 grams and was 50 cm from head to toe. Her name is Nikoline.

Comment from Il Padre:
"Daddys supergirl ain't goin to no Roskilde. At least not till she's 50 years old!!!"

Our best congrats and wishes for the future for the family: Sanne, Kjella, Loke and Nikoline.

>> Nikoline's space at msn

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