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Esben Danielsen in Oslo

New Young Pony Club

New Young Pony Club

All photos by Catgirl
copyright 2007

Roskilde Release Event'07 Oslo, April 21th
- by Catgirl -

Catgirl first got invited to the BIG one in Denmark, but had to decline and then ended up going to the event in Oslo instead. Two bands were to play and that was all I knew when I came there.

The music

The night's entertainment was two of the bands playing at this year's festival; Norwegian rockers Undomsskulen and the New Young Pony Club from the UK. It started off with the Norwegians which was a really nice surprise. With elements of postrock this little girl was very happy. And when the main attraction came on stage we were already ready to rock.

NYPC was simply brilliant and had us all dancing and gulping those beers down a bit to fast. It slightly reminded me of the sassy Peaches and other electroclash bands that are doing very good. I will absolutely recommend that you go see NYPC at Roskilde if you get the chance. Buy a triple pina colada and join in the dancing.

The Spokesman

Unlike last year in Oslo I did not attend any press conference, but Esben Danielsen himself was there and made a short apperance on stage to say a few words about Roskilde Festival and to introduce NYPC on the night's events. We had a little chat and he was happy to hear that the chatgang is still trying hard to keep in touch. He sends his best regards to the gang and to the people going to Steffen's party.

The rest of the evening ended in more beers at the basement pub of the venue, but I safely brought home my "goodie bag" - a Roskilde plastic bag filled with flyers, sticker, press kit, poster..and a little extra bonus from my good friend in Norsk Rockforbund...the official 2007 T-shirt.

See you all at Roskilde Festival 2007!

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