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Do You Speak Roskilde?
- by Tinkerbell, 2007-

It's 2004. I'm standing in a field up to my knees in mud and wondering why the HELL I'd bothered travelling half way across Europe to chase obscure (albeit pretty) indie boys to kiss, accompanied with a constantly-sniffling friend who caught a cold at the barest sniffle.

Fast forward three years to 2007, and I'm standing in that same field, up to my thighs in mud, watching the rain create lakes and rivers. The difference is, this year I'm not wondering why I'm here. This year, I'm wondering how the hell I managed to meet the people who surround me, and despite the trench-foot and conditions which would shock even the nastiest of bacteria into dying of embarrassment, I feel a warm glow.

2007 was my fourth Roskilde. It was also my first (I hope, of many) with the Chatgang. A perfectly timed collision of a broken heart, shitty friends, mistimed meetings, and good ol' hospitality led to me  becoming an accidental member of Camp Mesterhak, home to many of the Chatgang's most colourful characters - Stevomatic, Mesterhak, Korea Keld, Friedel and Honx to name but a few. Welcoming me with open arms, it only seemed right that I participate in this year's grand event - The Chatmeeting - after all, I had been promising to for the previous two years…

In 2005 I was too busy learning the Norwegian for "I want to take you back to my tent", Swedish for "You're the most beautiful creature I've ever seen", and Danish for  "Oh My God! You're, like, totally hot!"In 2006, I was just too damn drunk, and how was I to know that Stevomatic had taken it upon himself to ask half of Roskilde whether they knew me?!
In 2007, I finally made it.

Back to the present, though, and I realise how lucky I am. I won't remember how to say "That was fabulous" in Finnish, or how to sing "I am the resurrection" in Spanish in 10 years, and it might be muddy and cold, but there's really nowhere else I'd rather be.

Tinkerbell aka Sweetshopavengerz

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