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Stevomatic's 30th Birthday Chat Party
- by Steffen/Stevomatic -

Dear friends,

as you may already have heard, i will be turning 30 years of age this year, on the 3rd of May. I have decided to celebrate this event with a big party on my parents' farm on the 6th of May.
As there is no party without guests I would like you all to mutate into this special kind of being.

You are invited.
This is also the call for a CHATGANG meeting.

The party will start in the late afternoon of the 6th of May, which is a Saturday. We have got plenty of room, I have already booked our 3 holiday apartments, but there won't be beds for all, so bring your sleeping bags and mats.

To find us is not very hard, a map can be found here.
We also have got a homepage -

The party will be held outdoors, so bring warm clothes and a beanie. Only if the weather is really miserable we will move indoors.

Please let me know if you will attend (which would make me really glad) and don't hesitate to contact me if you have got any questions on mail:

Hope to hear from you,


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