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All photos by Catgirl
copyright 2006

Sunno))) + Earth, Blå, Oslo - 7. March 2006

- by Catgirl -

We entered BLÅ, a small club at Grünerløkka, in good time for the concerts.Save from a few scattered people the room was empty and the merch stand was busier than the bar. We were welcomed by the sacral sound of chanting munks and the expression "quiet before the storm" came to mind.


One beer later Earth had come on stage playing their dark Americana with mighty steel guitars and a trombone. Between songs a quirky voice utters "thank you folks" in a way that makes you think of old hippies. Their new album is a very laid back ordeal compared to earlier stuff like Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars. Earth has been around since the 90s and was playing doom metal long before their peers of today. Well, back to the show... Those lazy steel guitars being lifted up further by the trombone really makes for a good listening experience. Though the tension in the music gradually builds up, it is never quite released. As a big fan of explosions of sound in a grandeur climax..I am waiting in vain here. With Earth softened up a bit this is excellent warm-up before Sunno))) is going to wreck our bodies and souls. Then after another quirky "thanks" Earth leaves the stage and everyone runs for a cigarette break while we run for better spots up front in the middle.

Sun amps and a lot of guitars

The wait for Sunno))) is a long one. But we take the time to talk about Earth and what to expect from the oncoming storm. A little anticipation is only good for you.

Finally something is happening onstage. The sharp hiss of the smoke machines repeatedly make our heads turn and the smoke slowly fill the small room. Ssssssss...Good thing they're not playing a bigger venue - we'd be here till morning...SSSsssssss... And as I utter "I feel like I'm stuck in something from Stephen King's The Mist.." a guttural roar escapes from somewhere among the 6 large amps towering on stage, and the whole entourage walks on stage in their munk's robes. The first wave hits. In a crowd that's 95% male I can enjoy looking around at big grins as they turn to their fellow men (and geeks) and share their nods of savoir faire.."yeah...that's what I'm talking about.."

The vibrations are insane. It makes your nose tingle, your ears itch and your breath feels like the air is being sucked out of your mouth in short quick waves. Soon my entire body is overtaken by this sick, warped vibrating a everlasting hum. Those of you familiar with Stephen King's The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass - f "The Thinny".

The visuals are not as distinct as their show at Roskilde 2005, but the sound is much more overwhelming and ground shaking. Though the new album Black One doesn't kill you on sure pose some danger live.

A little note from forum:

"Metal Kitty wrote:
gorycorpe go to and check the bands lists. They have info about Sunn O))). I read somewhere the Sunn o))) concert goers where going to the toilet hahaha.
Supposedly the band hit frequencies so low that it makes the bowels react violently"

The band played for almost an hour and throughout that time various attacks are launched on your internal organs. Not once does the hum stop. Though constructed pierce through bone and marrow, the music doesn't seem that loud. The volume is pretty bearable, but the vibrations and the consistancy of it are the real assassins. The scene show is quite ritual and theatrical with all band members raising their instruments to the sky to hail...the feedback.

Then it's over. Someone's muffled voice reach my head which feels like someone stuck me in a padded tin tank. A rather large one too.

Hello? Is there anybody out there....?


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