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This media camp!


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There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
- by Magdalena Kjellgren-

Too much baggage and eight hours on a bus doesn’t really sound like the best way to start your vacation. But if your destination is Roskilde, well, then it’s just the way it’s supposed to be! The feeling and anticipation that starts to spread through your body when you take your seat and know that you’re heading for something fabulous, that sure is something…

This year was even more special than previous years because I was blessed enough to get a media-pass and restricted camping. Otherwise I wouldn’t have made it down there. And let me tell you, it really helps to wake up and hear birds singing and feeling rested after a good eight hours of sleep instead of waking up in a trashed, pee-smelling camp where you have been kept awake most of the night by drunk festival-participants. Some might say that is part of the charm and think that is the whole point of Roskilde. But this being the hottest Roskilde in 33 years, it’s was a blessing to live within a 100 meters of swimming hall. What can be a better way to start another hot and clamp day than a cool swim and a well needed shower, what I ask you?

After we went to pick up our passes and go look for the camping area, things got a little complicated. We just kept ending up by some center for brain-damaged people, we thought that at least we should get through the festival before we ended up there, but after some more walking around (with still too much baggage) we finally found it! We also manage to pitch our tent and vacuum it!

Then it was time to go and check out the festival. It was still only Monday and not very much action in the backstage area, that was still to come. But the coolest part of it all was when we were able to walk into the festival-area before it opened.

There were many people in full action trying to get everything together and ready for the big opening. We got to see light-checks on the Orange and in a couple of the other smaller arenas, the graffiti-artists doing their thing (which, by the way, was very impressive!), and basically stressed-out people and others who looked completely relaxed. But I have to admit, even I got a little stressed when it was only hours left until opening and they were still hammering away on the beer-stands. I mean, come on, what is Roskilde without the beer-stands? Well, eventually everything came together and all the trucks had left the area in time.

One other thing that really made this year even more special than previous years was that I got to attend a wedding. Yes, a WEDDING! Two friends of Monica’s/Catgirl was tying the knot in the camping-area, now there is a sight you don’t see every day… Many people and relatives came, and it truly was Great Success!

The rest of the festival went by quite smoothly, loads of great music and The only ”incident” I can remember is the one at Thai Lanna when I ordered some kind of veggie dish and ended up with a chicken dish, burst into tears (probably from being tired, hot and hungry and the thought of eating chicken) and Monica had to run to my rescue. It was a great heroic moment in the history of Roskilde!

I discovered pretty quickly that not camping along with all the others in the dust and heat worked in my favor. I was well rested in the morning after at least eight hours of sleep, the regular morning shower, the very appreciated shade backstage, the cold water and the beautiful peaceful garden. I also had the pleasure of having the most wonderful meal in the restaurant backstage. Just sitting at a table on a real chair with real plates and cutlery felt very odd considering the circumstances (it’s funny how you get used to sitting on the ground while eating).

I know, this does not sound like Roskilde at all, but it was! After being a regular festival-participant for a few years it was really a wonderful surprise to discover a whole new side of my favorite summer activity. Then to top it off, you arrive home rested and somewhat clean *bliss*


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