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Michael Larsen
Michael Larsen from the Festivalradio (Universitetsradioen, København)

The Festivalradio at Roskilde

Püffi and Cat after the interview

Mail from Universitetsradioen (Copenhagen DK)
- by Catgirl -

Hi Monica/Catgirl

Just a short greeting from Copenhagen.

As the subject states: "We must have been blind" - at least that's the only reason I can think of to explain why I didn't get to know your website before now...

I briefly noticed someone talk about the Roskilde Chatgang on one of the Esben Danielsen chats, but it wasn't until this afternoon I suddenly found your page.

And what a page!
I quickly added a link to you from our site - hope you don't mind that ;-)

Please pass on my greetings to the rest of the chatgang (even though I don't know them ... :-) - it's really quite a story about you guys!

I think I'll tell the people at the festivalradio about you - it must be a perfect story to broadcast during the festival ... that is, if you want to participate?

Oh, and by the way: tell fredde that he'll never get success within Public Relations - I've received several mails from him and never once he mentioned the chatgang!! :-()

All the best!

Michael Larsen
Universitetsradioen, København

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