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Püffi and Cat back in Klippan February 2000

Working for Roskilde Festival
- by Püffi -

So ... here is the story how I became a translator for RF:

I was chatting away the other day with Lamb, when I mentioned to her, that the german translations of RF stuff are not soooo good ... and that I think it could be done much better and more accurate. So she said to me: "Why dont you send a mail to Jette @ RF and tell her you would like to offer some help. She will appreciate your offer in any case ... ."

So I did send a mail and got a reply within hours, telling me that Jette would be back the next week. And as soon as she was back, she sent me a mail, telling me that she would like to use my abilities. She would send me 2 pages the next morning and if I could have it ready the next day at lunch time ... . So that wasnt much time, but I said I could do it .. and I did, even if it were 3 pages after all!

They were pleased with me and asked whether I would help out some more times until the next RF ... they would "pay" me with a check in Card!

Wow ... I didnt really expect that ... but I am glad nonetheless of course :-) Soooooooooooooo see you next year backstage *S*

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